Mail Order/Delivery

Our pharmacy provides diabetic testing supplies directly to each one of our Patients.These can be provided through our facility or mailed to the patients' homes.

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  • Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

Clinical Services

Our dedicated team of clinical pharmacists and registered dietitians are readily available to answer any questions with regard to labs, nutrition and general education.

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Improving health, one patient at a time...

We are a care management company based in southern California that serves patients and clinics throughout the area. We consist of a collaborative team of health care professionals and patient care specialists that are dedicated to serving the lives we touch. Our specialized team is focused on disease management, education, and providing the highest quality of health services to improve the lives of each patient. Our program utilizes a high-touch and patient-centric approach that coordinates care between the patient's provider, health plan, and the Preveon Health program.


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Preveon Health is committed to providing holistic care for our diabetic patients. We provide diabetic testing supplies, education and a comprehensive diabetes management program.

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Preveon Health is committed to working with your care team in order to ensure streamlined services. We collaborate with healthcare providers to provide a number of clinical services, including lab ordering, medication therapy management and medical nutrition therapy.

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Preveon Health understands that diabetic treatment can be costly and as such we work closely with our associated health plans to reduce overall costs to our patients.

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