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Preveon Health (Preveon for short) collaborates with associated providers to offer comprehensive clinical management services. We understand that managing a disease can be challenging, and it is our goal to make the management process as seamless as possible for our Providers. The following is a summary of the management services that Preveon provides.

Patient Education

Our dedicated team of Clinical Pharmacists, Dietitians and Patient Care Specialists here at Preveon are available to provide education to our patients with regard to their illness. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with the requisite knowledge base to make informed decisions about their care. Education can be provided through a number of different modalities, including via telephone, through mail, or in person at our facility.

Diabetic Supplies and Monitoring

Preveon is committed to making disease management as simple as possible, and as such we deliver diabetic testing directly to our Patient’s homes. We are currently working on a new technology that will allow high risk Patients to take their blood sugar levels and then upload those results to a secure database. This can then be accessed by the Clinical Team at Preveon and Providers such that they can make treatment recommendations.

Medication Therapy Management

Each Patient of Preveon receives a specific diabetic therapy plan that is carefully implemented by our Clinical Team after approval from the Provider.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Each Patient of Preveon will receive a customized dietary plan, composed by a Registered Dietitian, that is individualized based on their current needs.

Patient Lab Ordering

We carefully monitor our Patient’s lab schedule and commit to keeping them informed when labs needed to be updated. Our Clinical Team here at Preveon will order the labs on behalf of the provider and will follow up with each Patient to ensure that the labs were completed. All labs are specific to diabetes/dyslipidemia management.